Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures

Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures 2020

We do various treatments to make the skin glow in the parlor. There are many brightening products available that can brighten the skin. But do we know how beneficial the ingredients in these products are for us? Golden Glow Facial

Many products contain harmful ingredients that can also cause skin cancer. So let’s leave this harmful product, and how to do Quick Golden Glow Facial at home, today we will know!

What is a golden glow facial?

Golden glow facial kit contains Gold Cleanser, Gold Facial Scrub, Gold Facial Cream or Gel, and Gold Facial Mask. This facial uses cream with 24-carat gold that can easily penetrate the skin. There is no pair of gold Facial to bring back the old beauty and radiance of the skin.

The ability of gold to remove dust, dirt, and toxins hidden in the skin is infinite. Gold contributes a lot to the growth of new cells. If you are over the age of 35, if you do this facial, you will get back the soft and fluffy skin of youth.

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Golden Glow Facial Benefits

Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures 2020

Is gold facial good for skin? Gold facials are done to remove the blackness of the skin and make the skin look brighter. Gold facial removes dark spots on the skin and makes it look more polished.

However, this facial can not be done on all skin types. Those whose skin is susceptible can not do this facial. All ages can do this facial without it. This facial is perfect, especially for the bride; it gives a beautiful golden glow to the skin.

Beneficial for all skin types, not just sensitive or sensitive skin. It can be taken for skin of all ages. Gold facials will give excellent results, especially for wedding brides, because it provides a beautiful golden glow to the skin.

Which gold facial is best?

6 Best Gold Facial Kits Brands are-

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How much does a gold facial cost?

If you want to buy 24-carat gold facial cream, these facials can cost between $380 to $1,200.

How can I make golden glow facial at home?

How can I get a golden glow on my face naturally? You can make golden glow facial at home by using this method.


  • A teaspoon of Sour Curd
  • Half teaspoon Turmeric
  • A teaspoon coconut oil
  • Teaspoon lemon juice
  • A teaspoon honey


» Mix five ingredients well and make a face pack.

» Now apply it on the face like a facial pack and massage for 5 minutes.

» Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

You have seen how easy it is to do Golden Glow Facial in less time and without any cost.

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How to do Golden Glow Facial at home


First of all, the skin needs to be prepared for Gold Facial. For this, all the dust and contaminants should be removed from the depths of the skin.

Step 1: Cleansing

Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures 2020
Golden Glow Facial At Home

First, apply good cleansing milk all over the face and neck—massage for five to seven minutes with light pressure with the tip of your finger. Then wipe with clean cotton.

Step 2: Steam

Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures 2020
Golden Glow Facial At Home

Now it’s your turn to take steam. When cleaning the face, put water in a pot and set it on fire. When the cleansing is over, the water will boil. When the water boils, remove from the heat.

Now cover your head with a towel and place your face just above the water so that the smoke is on your face. Stay like this for four-five minutes. Then remove the face and wipe the face and throat with cotton. All the dust will be removed, and the skin will be clean.

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The main facial episode

This time we will enter the main facial episode. Choose a place where you can be alone for at least an hour, and no one will bother you! It’s time to take care of the skin as well as become mentally strong!

Step 1

Get the Gold Cleanser out of your Gold Facial Kit. Apply a little gold cleanser on the face and neck and massage in a circular motion. After massaging for five minutes, rinse with water. You can also be wiped with cotton.

Step 2

Now take out the gold scrub from the gold facial kit. Keep rubbing the whole face with the tip of your finger with a little scrub as before. Do not scrub around the eyes. After scrubbing for five minutes, rinse with water.

Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures 2020
Golden Glow Facial At Home

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Step 3

Now it’s the turn of massage. Apply a moderate amount of Gold Cream from Gold Facial Kit on wet face and neck. Then massage in tens of minutes round. When done, rinse with water or wipe with wet cotton.

Step 4

Remove the Gold Facial Gel from the kit. Apply on the face and neck—massage for five minutes. Then either wash with water or wipe with wet cotton. You will feel a coolness on the skin after applying Gold Facial Gel.

Step 5

This is the last step. Take the amount out of the treatment pack that is in your facial kit. Apply smoothly on the face and neck. Exclude around the eyes and lips. Now close your eyes and lie down quietly.

When the pack is dry on the face, soak your finger in water and gently rub it. A peel-off mask can be removed by pulling a little. At the very end, the face and throat were washed with a splash of cold water!

Care After Facial

Apply the oil-free moisturizing gel all over the face and neck. The skin will become soft and fresh in an instant! It will take you an hour to finish the whole facial episode! If you do this Gold Facial twice a month, you will realize in a few days how golden your skin has become! Golden Glow Facial At Home

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3 Ways to Getting Fair Skin Naturally

Golden Glow Facial At Home Full Tutorial With Pictures 2020

Drink plenty of water

Do you want healthy, naturally glowing skin? Start drinking plenty of water! Drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water a day will get rid of all the toxins stored in the body, and your body cells will also get water. As a result, the skin will become soft and naturally bright.

Exercise regularly

If you want to brighten the skin color, there is no alternative to regular exercise! You will get results only if you do any kind of physical exercise. Exercising widens the tiny blood vessels on the surface of your skin, increasing blood circulation to the surface of the skin, nourishing the skin. Do you want anything more than that to lighten the color naturally?

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Take care of the skin by the rules

Adhere to a proper skincare routine. The rules of cleansing-toning-moisturizing must be obeyed; sunscreen should not be left out either. Don’t forget to apply night cream before going to bed at night. With this, if you use scrubbing and face pack once a week, you will see that your skin is slowly regaining its radiance. Golden Glow Facial At Home

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